PG Studio

Our projects reflect a wide spectrum of knowledge from architects, designers, artists, graphic designers, 3D rendering and animation specialists, engineers, manufacturers and curators.

We pride ourselves in the ability to design at any level that our clients may require. From the general to the particular, we are passionate about designing the building, the room, the piece of furniture, the door handle, and anything and everything in between. We challenge conventional ideas and seek a deeper understanding of our clients’ organization, it’s branding, its people and its environment. We have the passion, the tools and the expertise to ask the right questions in order to provide the best solutions.

Each of our projects begins with an intensive period of research as the first step in understanding all aspects of a project. Whether programmatic, technical, cultural or issues of sustainability, the research establishes a foundation of understanding and is the start of a conceptual framework for moving forward. Through the use of drawings, physical models and computer models, each project evolves around the research and an architectural concept. In addition to the design of the building or space, the drawings and models are the same tools used to insure that the client remains an integral part of the process.


Our Team

Paola Leon - Garcia

Architectural Designer, Founder

Gilberto Leon